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Palm problems driving our firm NUTS!

By iliana ·
We are a decent sized law firm. Currently we are starting to utilize 5 or 6 PalmVx's with several of our attorneys. In them we keep our various court settings and vital numbers to the different courts here in Travis County.

Our problem is that we cannot get our palms to sync with the main machine at our receptionist's desk. The idea is that when we return from court each of us would sync our Palm with the main computer for updating. We tried individual profiles and even naming them all the same profile - nothing is working.

What's hapeneing is that Palm A is not receiving nor sending data to the main computer, yet when Palm B syncs later in the day it receives the data from Palm A.

Please if someone could help us we would be eternnally grateful, and i suppose internally. We've come to rely on these things so much - this problem is ruining our reputation for reliability. Please help, and thank you so much.

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by dmiddltn In reply to Palm problems driving our ...

Quick assumption... all data on palm isn't needed?
If so...
What if you go into the palm desktop and set the sync settings to desktop always overrights palm.

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by iliana In reply to

Items are added to both the palms and the desktop application.

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by cmoher In reply to Palm problems driving our ...

The problem most because windows is not recognizing the driver, however you can only install the driver while the palm is syncing. to solve this problem, do the following:

1. Open the device driver
2. attempt to sync the palm
3. you should see the palm appear in the device driver with a yellow exclamation point
4. go in to the properties and update the driver. The correct driver should be located in the palm folder, in a USB driver folder.

Hope this helps!

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Perhaps this is not related, perhaps it is

by disuchy In reply to Palm problems driving our ...

I too experienced great problems with my new Palm >> irrational screen behavior, windows jumping opened and closed, the whole unit shutting itself off and coming back again when you least expected. As soon as I approached the area with the pen (stylus), everything on the screen became hysterical, so to say.

Advised by Palm Tech Support, I removed the plastic protective overlay and ever since, my Palm works perfectly. Static electricity or some other kind of conductivity? -- who knows.

Supposedly, if you write within the designated area, the screen is already protected there and won't get scratched. With the enhanced sensitivity to touch you don't need to press hard when writing, which in itself renders any additional protective shield useless.

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