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Palm T3 Digitizer alignment

By snarkhunter ·
My T3 has jusd developed an annoying trait - the digitizer in the Grafitti area is miss-aligned and it and I have to tap about 1-2mm below the item I want. Similarly,in Grafitti the pen strokes appear 1-2mm above the stylus.

I have re-callibrated the digitizer to no effect. I can mis-callibrate the digitizer to correct the problem in the Grafitti area but I then get the opposite problem on the rest of the screen! (Aaagh!)

I have tried a soft re-set to no effect. Has anyone any experience of this and, better still, a solution?

Many thanks.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Palm T3 Digitizer alignme ...

A little over a year ago I asked a similar question--see "T3
Digitizer Mayhem." It seems to be hardware-related, and is likely
the reason the T5 doesn't slide open like the T3.

Other than replacing it under warranty, the only work-around I
could find was to mis-calibrate using the top of the target
instead of the center, with the same results you have



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by gammada In reply to Palm T3 Digitizer alignme ...

There's plenty of calibration utilities out there that you should try:


PowerDigi is a very reputed utility that seems to cure the digitizer drift that you're experiencing.

I personally use Recal which let's you recalibrate the digitizer after each reset. I have never again experienced a drift since installing it.


Hope this helps!

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by eimmo1 In reply to
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by Upnorthyukon In reply to Palm T3 Digitizer alignme ...

I had this problem on my Tungsten T3 and the only fix I found, and it works perfectly, is the PowerDigi program that you can get from palmpowerups.com

I tried digiE, digiMe, digifix and none of them worked, especially when you can't even access the task bar when the tungsten is completely open.

It's well worth the $16.95. It has 70 places to tap on your screen to digitize it perfectly!!

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