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By andy ·
I have had an old Palm for ages now and just used it intermittently to take notes or store phone numbers but recently I've started using, or wanting to use it for a lot more.

I'm looking at getting a T3, the one with the slider and portrait/landscape screen but they seem to have been superceeded very quickly, is there anything wrong with them or did palm just bring out their next model real quick?

I love the Palm OS and would like to create formatted word documents, manage a schedule as well and send emails with word documents attached (via a cable connection to a cell phone or a landline, I travel a lot so a blackberry type solution is not ideal but if i could plug it into a wall socket then life would be easy).

Can I do all/any of this or should i resign myself to hucking a laptop round with me for the rest of my life?

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Palm Wish List

I, for one, have had problems with the digitizer losing its ability
to track the screen over time. There is currently an open thread
begun by snarkhunter along the same lines. While I have no
insider knowledge, it is reasonable to conclude that there is
something in the T3 wearing out mechanically that cannot be
compensated for in software.

The T5 can connect to a Bluetooth enabled phone. There are
also 802.11b transceivers (WiFi) as well as 56k modems available
as SD cards that plug into the expansion slot. With a foldable
wireless keyboard, it could be a viable laptop replacement.
Personally, I find that using both--the PDA in the field, which I
backup daily to the laptop which gets backed up as
convenient--helps keep me better organized and less vulnerable
to losing important information. YMMV.



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by joevilla In reply to Palm Wish List

I am not aware of any issues with the palm tungsten /T3. I have used this device in the past and I perticularly like it when I read any documents, I set it to the landscape view. If you want to create or edit Word documents on your T3 you can do so by using "Documents To Go". If you want to connect to the internet you can do so by using "Web Pro" it is a Palm browser. Since the T3 is Bluetooth enabled you can use any Bluethooth enable cell phone to create a connection. You can also connect to the internet if you are in a location that has a Bluetooth AP (acess point), keep in mind that you may need a pass key to acess the AP.

When I travel I bring my laptop and my Palm device. The laptop stays in the hotel room and the Palm goes with me everywhere. When I return to my room I hotsync so to back up everything.

Hope this helps,


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