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Palm Zire 71 and

By zlitocook ·
What seems to be a network problem. Two others and myself have these Palm devices, I like it because of the built in camera and I dont want to buy a new device.
I had major problems with one user (Hal helped allot) he is working great. I got a new laptop and migrated my files fine but when reinstalling the software for my Palm I received the error isscriot.msi is not installed please contact you IT department. Well I am the IT department here, I used all the tricks from Palm and down loaded the newest software. But the new software dose not include the photo software.
It turns out that the installer points to a place on the network for shockwave or real player. Even if I do it with the network jack disconnected. And even if I am logged on as the local admin. I down loaded the newest isscript from the maker and it installs fine but Palm still would not install.

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by zlitocook In reply to Palm Zire 71 and

I cleared the cashe, renamed the dat files that MS suggested, I deleted the register entries and said vary bad words to the computer.
I am not one to give up easily; I completely removed Palm and all files. From add/remove programs, from programs it leaves a folder there, and from the registry. This did not help, I talked with the network team and there are 20 others with in the network that use the same device with no problem. I am part of the network but at a different location, we are part of a larger network. The install from Palm for the newest down load works great with no problems. I have domain rights and can do what I like at the admin level, I can point the install program to the isscript on the cd but it will default back to the network.
Col can you think of any thing?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Palm Zire 71 and

Ask something easy why don't you? :^0

Now if I remember correctly the Isscriot.msi is an install file have you tried running it from the original install CD?

With these things generally speaking you need to install the drivers first and then the programs to allow you to access the devices after they sync to the computer that you are plugging them into.

If you no longer have the original install CD you can download the correct drivers and Software from the supplier but remember to install the drivers first and then the software. If all else fails ask your IT Department head and they will have an answer.

Just joking drop me a PM and tell me what's happening and I'll see what I can come up with.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The other thing is, is the Photo Software necessary?

It could be that one of the newer MS Patches has broken that software or at the very least the installer program.

If you can get by without the Photo Software on your NB it may work better than previously and you don't need to bother with the Software automatically transferring photos to locations that you don't want them placed into.

I have one client with a Camera Phone that links into his NB and it used to drive him crazy that every time that h plugged the phone in it would transfer the photos to a folder where he didn't want them placed. As he sells Heavy Earthmoving Equipment he needed to place them by maker and date on his NB so they could either be listed for sale or to value as a Trade In, so he had several folders where he needed to place photos that the provides software didn't support his needs. BY uninstalling the Photo Software and allowing him to manually transfer the photos across this solved his problem.

As I personally don't use these things I suppose that you've contacted the makers for the latest know problems with their software for this device.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I've found threating the system works wonders s well. It doesn't help fix the thing but it certainly makes you feel better.

Also in an attempt to stop you smashing the problem machine to pieces the Boss will often come in and remove the offending machine when he/she see you standing over it with a raised Sledge Hammer screaming at the Bloody Computer because it's not working. :^0

This is also a great way to get a few weeks holiday even if you do have to visit a Shrink while you are having the time off.

At one place that I was working I asked for months to get electrical Safety devices installed into the workshop area all to no avail until one day I pulled a unsafe machine off the work desk onto myself just as the Boss walked past. Latter after I had recovered from the Shock I found an electrician in my workshop fitting some safety devices that where to a much better standard that even I was prepared to ask for. The person in charge insisted that he wasn't really worried about my safety but was worried that if I died he would have a build up in repairs remaining not repaired. :)

Now if I had of realised that me getting a minor shock would have had the desired effect I would have got the Boss A Been Counter to move one of the powered unsafe units and allowed him to wear the electric shock, if that had of happened I could have had any safety equipment that I wanted.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Where you are going wrong is that you are trying to understand Why Windows works the way that it does.

I gave that up a long time ago after a particularly bad bout of one machine not working the same as the others which where identical in everything but one wouldn't work the same as the others.

But you may be onto something here if it installs in another User Profile it's possible that your current User Profile has become corrupt.

I'm already dreaming about computers so I can't even get away from them when I try to sleep and that that doesn't happen often.

But as far as the Windows Installer goes I would hazard a guess that there is something in the registry that is causing the installer to point to the wrong item or direction when you are installing the software. Can you create another Admin Account and install there?

If you can do that can you make the software available to all users of the NB?

Just to keep the Boss happy I looked at a vacuum cleaner one day when his wife had tried to clean up some split wine with soaking the carpet with water & salt. It was fairly obvious what had happened so I filled the thing up with CRC after washing it out and left it to dry off before applying any power. About 10 minutes latter the guy walked into my workshop thanked me greatly and turned it on before I could stop him. With the covers removed there was a great sheet of flame shooting to the ceiling and it removed all his hair on the front of his face and head. So not only did I have the stench of burn hair in the workshop I had to drown the entire thing in CRC again just to make sure that any left over salt didn't do any damage.

I'll never forget the expression on his face when it erupted in flames but it kept him away from my tools and anything that I was working on after that so I suppose it was useful. :^0

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by zlitocook In reply to

If all else fails I will get a new device. I already have a good digital camera but I am stuburn and will work on this for weeks.

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by zlitocook In reply to Palm Zire 71 and

I have the original CD's and did down load the newest driver's. A similar problem I had with a manager four or five months ago, it turned out he needed to be added to a admin. Group for it to work.
But I have domain level rights and can add remove people, computers and install any software I like.
I use the palm as a tool for recording how things are going and as a snap shot tool. I get pictures for the internal web log and intranet paper.

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by zlitocook In reply to Palm Zire 71 and

(Now if I had of realised that me getting a minor shock would have had the desired effect I would have got the Boss A Been Counter to move one of the powered unsafe units and allowed him to wear the electric shock, if that had of happened I could have had any safety equipment that I wanted. )

What is fun is to have the boss come to the computer and tell him this unit seems to have some problem. But first wet the chair a little and let him check it out. :) Or maby the have PFY do it first.
But back to my queston, I had setup a second workstation for the manager to test things out. I set up a second profile for myself on it, and the photo part works great there. But it will not work on any others. I think I need the DR. on this one.
I just thought of this I have three stand by units that have been off the network for weeks! I will load the software on one of those Monday, it will tell me if it is a patch that is doing this.
But that dose not explain why when I try installing the isscript.msi is pointing to the network and not the CD?

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by zlitocook In reply to Palm Zire 71 and

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