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    Panasonic KX-P2023 Dot Matrix Problem


    by mckinstpete ·

    I’ve been running these printers for a decade and I’ve never run into this problem: The head jammed on on the edge of a 3-part form. Nothing new there. I cleared it, and paper manually rolls smoothly. But, on power up, the head travels left, hits the end of travel, bangs 3-4 times, returns to mid position, pauses, travels right, hits end of travel, and bumps/bangs continuously. Behavior is indepensent of PC’s or servers. Any ideas? TIA.


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      Reply To: Panasonic KX-P2023 Dot Matrix Problem

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Panasonic KX-P2023 Dot Matrix Problem

      Somewhere on the print head drive belt, or path is a position sensor. Most are optical sensors looking for a hole in the belt.

      Check that the print head has not shifted position on the drive belt.

      That the sensor is clean and all wires are connected.

      That the hole in the belt, or tang on the print carriage can reach the sensor and is not dirty.


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