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Panda versus ETrust Antivirus and others

By technical ·
Hi there,

we are currently using ETrust [know in older versions InoculateIT] we never had any major issues like infected computers but we are looking for something better in this field, if there is one, since I don?t really know what is out thereso I would like to ask you and maybe you can help me with your experience and knowledge, the first Vendor we are thinking of is ?Panda? although it is not so popular and so on but I see some nice recommendations for Panda in some Tech Groups like W2kNEWS which they seem to know their homework with all other Tech Info and they are really [even too much] pushing it to go with Panda for a lot of reason as they Claim that they are the fastest in updates and they might have a have proven themselves again and again to find viruses that no other Vendors couldn?t find and so on, besides the point that this is only ones point of view I cannot exactly rely on them because Panda is advertising in each and every News letter from W2knews and these [heavy] recommendations might be just good advertising therefore I am looking for some information about this Panda and even more Panda Versus Eturst from Computer Associates and as much information possible
1. Looking for a good manageable and Centralized control and to lock all settings for all users now to be able to change it on their local Workstation (Etrust is quiet good at it).
2. How reliable and quick are these guys regards to updates?
3. Are there any known issues about Panda behavinglike Crashes and unstable or now compatible with other programs and so on?
4. If anyone knows about other GOOD Antivirus Applications with reliability that has got spy ware detection as well please let me know.

Any ideas help please reply, your help is very much appreciated.


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I think that you are currently doing ok

by tech In reply to Panda versus ETrust Antiv ...

I have been using a heep of anti-virus solutions with many clients. I, as yet, havent had to do a single clean up with a client using E-Trust that is kept up to date. I have made a nice chunk of monye cleaning up after other vendor products. Panda is one I haven't personally tested yet but I have placed my faith in e-trust after doing the exersise of checking when thy had a solution to a virus/problem posted vs when the outbreak hit. In each case for the last 6 months they have been ahead of the virus'.


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