Pantech UM197 3g card

By DougD1 ·
I got this via Verizon, replacing my Cricket mobile broadband USB modem. It activates okay, when when it gets to the "please wait for initialization" step, it never progresses. If I click cancel, it take a Loooong time to finally quit. Is there a Windows (XP home) setting that's in the way, a residual Cricket issue? Any ideas? I've had it at Best Buy (where I got the modem) and Verizon technician. They're stumped.

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To begin with:

by robo_dev In reply to Pantech UM197 3g card

did you uninstall the drivers for the old modem and then install all the drivers for the new modem?

When you say it 'activates ok' what does that mean?

How are you initiating the connection? Through some verizon-provided connection manager or thru Windows dial-up-networking?

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