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    Paper jam going to output bin


    by fredw ·

    Whenever I select printed output to be routed to the output bin on my Laserjet 1100, the first page will print but not completely eject into the output bin. The printer then jams with the second page partially fed, but no printing started on the second page. When I select to bypass the output bin, no jam occurs. I have installed the free separation pad offered by HP. Any help would be appreciated.


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      Jammed output bin

      by tcronin ·

      In reply to Paper jam going to output bin

      Without sounding too obvious, check the paper path for any small pieces of paper or paper dust that may be throwing the output slighty off its path. I have seen this many times and usually fix it with a good cleaning of the paper path with some compressed air.

      Another item you may want to check is the roller assembly that feeds the output to the tray. Sometimes they get tight and can slow the paper progress to a point where an error status is communicated to the processor. Good luck.

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