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Papers on IT Business Models

By ElliotRoss ·
I take care of IT for a rapidly growing ISV. We are reaching the stage where IT management is getting more complex. I want to find documents relating to the methods that are commonly used for managing IT costs and billing. How are companies definingtheir technology budgets ? are departments billed ? how much ? what is a cost that can be considered corporate ? gartner et al state that desktop support costs can equal ABC dollars per user, but what about server costs ?

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Papers on IT Business Models

by YCDBSOYA In reply to Papers on IT Business Mod ...

Your questions cover a lot of ground. One of the most important things to get a handle on is IT Asset Management. This is also one of the hardest things to sell to management. Without a good IT Asset Management program it is much more difficult to accurately predict expenses and have an accurate budget. I would recommend looking at this site ( and follow some of the links from there. It will provide you with a good base of research from several sources to address cost and budget issues. How you handle these issues will be influenced by how your business keeps its books. Some companies like to lease everything, some like to lease some epuipment and purchase other equipment, some believe in buying everything. Good luck.

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Papers on IT Business Models

by ElliotRoss In reply to Papers on IT Business Mod ...

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