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    paradox database


    by alashhar ·

    hi all

    A company application, which has designed using Delphi and paradox database,has installed in laptop by a developer. the company wants to format and reinstall fresh windows XP in the laptop, but the problem the developer is not available in the country.
    we tried to copy the application folder to other pc, the User Interface is working but there is no data.
    how i can transfer the data to another pc?

    i need your help ASAP.

    thank you all

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      by alashhar ·

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      Can you Backup

      by rob miners ·

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      the Data and import it into the new PC.

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      by tony hopkinson ·

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      Sounds to me like the app has done a fresh install, so the tables exist but are empty.

      It should be just a question of finding them on the old machine and copying them over the top of the new ones.

      Can’t think of anything else that cause the behaviour you are seeing. If it was connectivity the application would just fall on it’s arse with a derivative of can’t find database.

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