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    parallel connection


    by rwert ·

    My D400 Dell Latitude is so small Dell didn’t configure a parallel port, so I can’t hook to many non-USB printers. I have a serial port. How can I bridge from serial or USB to parallel?

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      by thechas ·

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      More and more computers are going to be configured without “legacy” ports and drives.

      What you can do, is get a USB to Parallel adapter cable similar to this one:

      They allow you to connect most parallel printers to a standard USB port.

      Devices do exist for connecting a parallel printer to a serial port. They are more expensive, and slower than the USB adapter.


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      Add Parallel Port to Your Laptop or Notebook (HC-002 PCMCIA Parallel Card)

      by cd_jeff ·

      In reply to parallel connection

      TRANSLAN HC-002 Parallel PCMCIA Card
      Add a standard parallel port to any PCMCIA -enabled laptop, handheld, or desktop computer.

      Many portable and hand-held computers do not provide a parallel port. TRANSLAN HC-002 is currently used in JTAG debug ,CPLD,FPGA cable download etc. The most common use is to provide a printer port when one is not provided by the PC. TRANSLAN HC-002 PCMCIA Parallel Card fully supports the IEEE 1284 NORMAL MODE standard, and functions exactly like a computer?s native parallel port. Thus, unlike the many USB to parallel converters on the market, TRANSLAN HC-002 PCMCIA Parallel Card will work seamlessly with any hardware or software that requires standard parallel port. Please visit for more detailed information about the producer and products.

      ? Add a Standard Parallel Port for Notebook PCs to connect printers and other parallel devices (JTAG chip programmers, data acquisition, machine process control, scientific measurement systems and software protection dongles).
      ? Windows XP/2000/2003 auto-install (automatic installation with first insertion of the Card into PC Card slot) and few clicks – easy installation with Windows 9x.
      ? Installs as a fully featured I/O mapped parallel port as LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3 . It map in at addresses of 378, 278 or 3BC.
      ? Fully compatible with IEEE-1284 Parallel Port Standard(support SPP mode,normal mode, BI-Directional mode),PCMCIA Standard , designed with extremely low standby power draw to save battery life.
      ? 1 year limited warranty.
      ? Bus Interface: 16-bit PCMCIA, Release 8 and backward compliant,Supports 32-bit CardBus Type II SlotOS Support: Windows 95/ XP/2000/2003
      ? Data Rate: 700 kbps (max)*
      ? Ports: 1 Parallel Port
      ? Modes: SPP Mode Standard Unidirectional Parallel Port Mode
      ? Interrupt Levels: IRQ 3-7, IRQ 9-12, IRQ 14, IRQ 15
      ? Power Requirements: 25 mA @ +3.3 V

      Please email for any question about this item.

      Translan Website:
      Please visit for more detailed information about the producer and products.

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