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Parallel to usb adapter

By wakim ·
Hello I need help for pins assignment of the above mention. My computer parallel port is not working for some reason unknown I have not use this port since I bought the computer.I would like to have ago on DIY,this said adapter is not available in my area. I could get the parallel and usb connectors,so if someone can give me the wiring connection of the pins from the parallel connector to the usb plug will be much appreciate. If any good suggestion to overcome this problem are welcome. Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Parallel to usb adapter

Sorry, the USB to parallel cable is not as simple as just connecting the wires between the 2 connectors.

You need some electronics in between to convert the serial data from the USB port to parallel data for the parallel port.

I'm not sure if the adapter cables use a single IC, an ASIC, or a combination.

If you have electronics knowledge, you might try searching a couple of IC manufactures sites, or sites like
for projects to build a protocol adapter.


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by wakim In reply to

Thanks for your advised I do not know much about chips.

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by TheChas In reply to Parallel to usb adapter

Okay, if you can't find or order a USB to parallel adapter, you can disable the on-board parallel port in BIOS settings, and install a plug-in card with a parallel port on it.

Just make sure to get a card that has EPP/ECP support.

You might even want to check BIOS settings to see if your on-board port is disabled.
You may be able to repair it by simply enabling the port or changing the port type in BIOS settings.


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