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pardon my igonorance

By nathandrama ·
i'm a life long mac (and sometimes linux on ppc) user who got an old windows box..(compaq 5330/windows9..

basically it was a mess and i had to use the compaq restore disks that came with the machine to reformat everything...i never thought of the fact that i would need the product key...and came here and found tips on where to find it but i guess because i wiped the hard drive clean before that it was long gone...but...i somehow got around it and managed to actually start it up and now it's working better than ever....i have firefox and an msn messenger client and winamp and a bunch of other stuff running and its all good...but the oem reset reminder is still sitting in the corner of the screen and i'm scared to restart it

my question is

am i in the clear now or do i still have to find a product key??

what should i do?

if i resart the machine do i have to do everything over again?

any help would be appreciated


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OEM Win98

by Fat Chink In reply to pardon my igonorance

Quite often, once you use the old Restore disks/CD you would not be asked for, nor need to enter a product key. That was one nice thing about some OEMs. However, if it does reboot and ask you for one, the original product key should be with the original Compaq CDs. I don't remember how old the 5300 series is, but you may also want to check for a possible sticker attached to the chassis in any case.

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by nathandrama In reply to OEM Win98

thanx. i'm sure the product key was with the cds at one point years ago...and long ago thrown out. i did check the box alot but no stickers with the magical number.

i'm wondering though...if i try and restart it will it restart with all the changes i made...or am i back to square one?...can i make the oem reset thing dissapear...

thanx for help btw...i do appreciate..if you want to know anything about busted up old mac boxes i'm your guy

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