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By Benn019 ·
How do I get rid of (To Meny PAREMETERS )?
When I start my P.C. it say to meny each time.
Thank you for any help.

Don A. Bennett

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by TheChas In reply to Paremeters

There is a bad command in one of the startup / system files.

If you are running W98, you can use msconfig from the run box, and selectively un-check startup items until you find the line that is the cause of your problem.

I suspect that the bad command is in either autoexec.bat, config.sys, or Windows.ini

Most likely, the command is for a piece of software that you no longer have, or a hardware driver for a device that no longer is in the PC.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, it is a fairly simple matter for a skilled tech to find and delete the bad command.

For Windows 95, you will need to run sysedit and look over each line in the system files to find the bad command.

From sysedit, you can print out, or copy and paste each files contents.

If you want, add the text from each file as a separate comment to your post, and we can help you get rid of the bad line.


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by TECmasterTim In reply to Paremeters

The problem is in the file c:\autoexec.bat if it were trying to run a program that was no longer on your computer, the message would be Bad Command or File Name! or missing file or cannot find file, Too Many Paramiters simply means that a command in that file has a blank space where it shouldn't be, making the computer think that one of the paramiters is really two paramiters. You can use an editor of any kind such as notepad or wordpad to edit c:\autoexec.bat so long as you save the changes in ascii text mode or DOS tdext file mode. If you are unfamiliar with the commands you are looking at. start with the first line and put REM followed by a blank space at the very beginning of the line. Save it and using the run command run c:\autoexec.bat if you still see the error message, remove the REM and try the next line., save and run, etc. Until you find the line that makes the message go away. The first RUN that dosen't say Too Many Paramiters, will be the line you want.Remove the REM and experiment with removing one space at a time on that line only until you find the extra one. Thats as simple as I can make it. Hope it helps! Tim Cade-TEC Advantage Inc.

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