Parent-Child Domains

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Ive created a parent domain named ( and a child domain ( by using the DNS of the parent domain. All them pass to a router w/c link them together. The problem is when im in the parent domain ( Active Directory and trying to connect to my child domain. it cannot be contacted to. while when im in the child domain ( AD and trying to connect to parent domain everything seems fine. I want to know why is this?

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Sounds like either DNS or AD domains and Trusts issue

by CG IT In reply to Parent-Child Domains

If DNS doesn't have records for the child domain [seperate subnet]and you have DCs and DNS for the child domain on the child domains subnet, that probably is the problem. No communications between DNS and DCs on the child domain subnet.

If you don't have seperate DCs and DNS for the child domain, then you probably should check that your child domain shows up in AD domains and trusts and as a suggestion create a site for the child domain in AD sites and services.

See if that works

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What kind of router is between the subnets?

by Churdoo In reply to Parent-Child Domains

What kind of router do you have between the 2 subnets? If it's an off-the-shelf SOHO router, the default configuration is "gateway" mode with a WAN side and a LAN side. NAT would prevent inbound communication from the WAN side, i.e. the symptoms that you've described.

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Was my first thought though there is comm

by CG IT In reply to What kind of router is be ...

from child to parent but not parent to child. I assumed that DNS isn't running on the child domain nor is there a DC on the child domain. The parent domain DCs and DNS servers host the zone and AD.

So yes a router might cause a traffic problem between the parent and the child but it also should cause the same problem from child to parent. Since this isn't the case, he might not have associated a subnet for the child domain [site] in AD Sites and Services. [also check that the child domain shows up in AD Domains and Trusts].

Still your probably right in that the router is blocking traffic or some firewall settings are blocking traffic.

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Child to parent

by Churdoo In reply to Was my first thought th ...

I'm thinking that since communication from child to parent is happening, then it's the child domain that's on the LAN side of a SOHO router. The outbound requests of the child domain can be responded to by the parent because of NAT but only in response to a request by the child while NAT holds the respective ports open. Unsolicited inbound traffic by the parent would be blocked by NAT.

If there's a second SOHO router serving the ISP connection, then both subnets would still be able to browse the internet -- the child domain/subnet traffic would be double-NAT'd, but would still work for generic www browsing.

At least that's my thinking. I understand what you're saying, and any or all of the things that you mentioned could also be wrong, as there wasn't enough pertinent information given.

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