parental control

By jamescosadan ·
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I have a Windows 7 desktop and use Google Chrome browser. I want my 7 yr old child to access only 2 school related websites. How can I do it? I would really appreciate a stepwise direction. Thank you.
P.S. For now I use but seems they are blocking only porn and other inappropriate sites, but I cannot find how to block any other sites on that.
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Use a firewall

by azeem28 In reply to parental control

1. Install a firewall like PfSense, Untangle etc on a server.
2.Connect the server with your main router.
3.Disable the DHCP of your router and enable in the firewall.
4.Connect the PC of your child with the firewall.
5. Add rules in the firewall to drop all traffic and allow traffic of only 2 school related websites.

The firewall will act as a bridge for all your internet traffic and it will filter out the websites based on the rules you define in the firewall. Some high end routers also have a built in firewall which you may try if the option is available in your router.

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