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Parental controls in Win XP Home

By Patrick Horn ·
I have a user that is using XP Home with parental controls enabled to keep his kids from getting into bad places. His complaint is that when he goes to the internet on the same machine, the parental controls are applied to his account. He is tired of constantly putting in a password to surf the net. Is sthere a way to apply parental controls to just his kid's account or is this a global setting?

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by Ann777 In reply to Parental controls in Win ...

I don't think it is possible without third party software....

Network Associates Mcafee Parental Controls 1.5 specifically allows you to setup different levels of access based on login. There are other such software available too.

Brief summary of McAfee Parental Controls taken from the net:

"The dangers of the Internet are concerns for every parent. Children can visit inappropriate web sites they are approached with inappropriate subjects on the Internet and are allowed to chat with seemingly harmless strangers. McAfee Parental Controls helps parents protect their children from the unknown dangers of the Internet. It lets parents manage how each child can communicate across the Internet. McAfee Parental Controls includes child-specific settings for web pages, chat filtering, objectionable word filtering, online time limits, and more! You can customize McAfee Parental Controls for each child by adding words or web sites that you want to prevent your child from seeing when surfing the Internet. McAfee Parental Controls provides the protection that you need while still allowing your child to use the Internet safely."


Windows alone, or more specifically, Internet Exporer can be set to password protect questionable sites.... but you are left with inputting that password yourself if you use the kids computer.

There's no other software monitoring or preventing access to outside sites within MS Windows itself. If it's set for Windows, it's for anyone who uses that computer.

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by Patrick Horn In reply to

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by dustyD In reply to Parental controls in Win ...

Agree w/Anna. XP settings are called Content Advisor, accessed through IE, Tools/Options/Content. True Parental controls are used by third party browsers like Yahoo, or by third party software. They are based on the users' login and are configured at the ISP level, like Yahoo. Check out NetNanny if your user doesn't use Yahoo. Suggest to him that he use user accounts to keep things seperate, and configure different internet connections if possible that use unique logins, he can set up controls at the ISP, or at least not have to enter a password at some sites.

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by Patrick Horn In reply to

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by Patrick Horn In reply to Parental controls in Win ...

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