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Partial Clone?

By sc_toadman ·
One of my PCs just died (looks like a fried motherboard). My replacement pc is a different brand and has XP media edition rather that XP Home. I would like to recover as much as possible (programs/settings) from the old PC drive - but doing a disk clone seems to be out of the question.

Am I stuck basically doing new installs for programs?

How about other settings/data (like Outlook Express, etc)?

Any tips or tricks froom the gurus?

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by sc_toadman In reply to Partial Clone?

PS: I plan to put the old drive in a USB enclosure so I can access it directly or via another PC on my LAN.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Partial Clone?

If the drive is still working you can slave it or as you suggest fit it to a USB Caddy and read the data off that. If you hade it encrypted you'll need to grab the encryption key and this varies on how you encrypted the data. You may also need to take ownership of the data files and to do this you'll need to follow the directions at the following URL

You can also use the File & Settings Transfer wizard to recover the majority of your data and look of your desktop as well.

As for the software you can copy it over and then reinstall it all but you'll have to make sure that you reinstall it into the same directory that you copied it to and that w2ay you'll keep most of your settings and Patchs the way that they where. If you have any accounting programs like MYOB Quick Books install that software first and then copy the contents of the folders on the old drive into them that way you will maintain your existing settings and data.


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