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Partial Sound in Win 98/poor video in XP

By windinthew ·
Having installed and now reinstalled Win 98 on a new PC along with soundchip (C-Media) and its drivers, I am still unable to hear sound generated by the system such as warning wav files and the introductory wav when Windows loads (though perhaps that is no bad thing) (!). Windows Media Player and other players play sound from files like mp3 and mpeg fine, but no player can get any sound from CDs. I can see the speaker symbol and device manager reports proper installation of sound card and drivers.

If anyone can help with some things I could try to resolve I would be grateful. The soundchip definitely supports Win 98

I did try XP but one reason I find XP hard to live with is grainy video quality whereas Win98 plays vidos perfectly as far as I am concerned. I have seen adverse comments elsewhere about video quality in XP. Anyone have any comments or explanation why that might be the case?

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by TheChas In reply to Partial Sound in Win 98/p ...

Open up the sound mixer, and check the volume for the wave device.

If the wave device is missing, you may need to re-install the sound driver.
(The wave device may be a separate file)

As to video and XP, what are your system specifications?

On a slow system with on-board video (or an older video card) and less than 512MB of RAM, you can expect some performance compromises.


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by windinthew In reply to Partial Sound in Win 98/p ...

The sound problem on further investigation is to do with how the C Media software maps the audio jacks. It can remap the line in jack to a line out jack with rear speaker sound. With sound files like MP3 the volume on the remapped jack is fine and indistinguishable from the output from the primary line out. But with system sound the output from the remapped jack is just a weak secondary signal. I got this software because I am weary of not being able to use the headphone jack on the front of CDR drives as a headphone jack should be - plug it in and you hear all the sound from whatever source with the speakers disabled. As it is, all these heaphone jacks give you is the sound from a CD.

I am never too sure about memory definitions , I have a Duron AMD 1600 MHz with 192 MB (three times the speed and ram of my old PC which played videos perfectly with a Rage ATI video card.)
The sound chip on my new PC is a C-Media AC97.

Are we saying that to get acceptable video on XP I need a much higher specification PC than my current Duron? It seems a shame to miss the greater stability of XP because of poor video quality but the video is very important for me. Also I gave up on XP because I use Windows Mousekeys program not a mouse and even set on maximum speed the pointer in XP was like dragging a lead weight!. I stumbled on Registry settings in Win98 that tweak all the Mousekeys settings so would I suppose they can be similarly tweaked in XP and so avoid one of the two obstacles I have to using XP?


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