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By john ·
hi to all,

i have a harddrive having two partition namely drive C: and drive . with an OS windows ME unfortunately the system was corrupted i decided to change it to windows 98. my problem is the i can't find anymore the drive

how can i retrive the drive

hope u help me.


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by dmiles In reply to partition

By changing ,did you reformat the drive and do a fresh install.A format will wipe all data from the disk
Using a win98 startup disk,insert in floppy and boot computer,type FDISK at command prompt,choose the option to display drive information,if you donot see the drive in this,then you have wiped it out.
You should also see the drive in my computer,with the other drives

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to partition

What drive format did you have on the D drive?

Some ME installations will format drives NTFS unless otherwise instructed. Win 98 will only read FAT 16 and FAT 32. If the missing drive was NTFS Win 98 will not find it and just regard it as an unformatted partition and will not view it until it is formatted FAT 32.

There are some utilities around that will allow a Win 98 system to read a NTFS drive but I don't know them off hand. Chas is sure to give you an answer on where to find them, he knows a lot or arcane info like that.

If you want to retain the data you will have to put the drive into a Win NT, Win ME, Win 2K or Win XP machine or use an NTFS reading utility, to read it and copy to the FAT 32 partition.

After saving the data just reformat the drive as FAT32.

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by EarleZO In reply to partition

hi John,
I don't mean to begin a flame war but I think eebywater is VERY wrong. Without special drivers, WinME will NOT format or read NTFS.

Basically, it sounds like your partition table which contained 2 partitions has become corrupted or over-written.

How big were your original C: and partitions?
How big is the new C: drive? Is the new C: drive the size of the original or of both partitions?
If the size of both, then unless you spend BIG bucks on data recovery, you are in trouble.

I recommend STOPPING using your PC NOW! if you want to save your data on the former drive.

Go buy a tool like Partition Magic and see if it can recognise the 2 partitions. If you have data on the drive that is really important, take the disk out of the PC until you are ready to try to recover the partition table.

I know this sounds complex and excessive but the more you use the PC the higher the likelihood that valuable system info will be deleted.

Hopefully, anything on the drive that is important was backed up.



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