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partition improperly dismounted

By wpcc ·
I have a 40GB WD Drive that says partition improperly dismounted. I have tried gdisk, partition magic, disk copy, ghost, windows repair. Nothing recovers. I have unhidden it, hidden it, made it active. I cannot boot, even as a 2nd drive (BSOD error x0...024. Computer sees the drive as master or slave. Any other utilities available or am I screwed?
Thanks, wpcc

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I don't like WD disk drives

by stress junkie In reply to partition improperly dism ...

Many years ago I purchased a WD Caviar drive. It broke within a few weeks. A few years later I purchased another WD Caviar drive. It broke within a few weeks. Since then I have decided that I would not purchase any more WD disk drives. I've had very good experiences with disk drives from most other manufacturers so I think that my decision to stay away from WD disks was a good one. Almost all of my other disk drives have outlived the life of the computer that they were installed into.

I wish that I could be more helpful.

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I hate to say it, but....

by dksells In reply to partition improperly dism ...

it sounds like your file system is hosed. I don't know which Windows version your running. but you might try to boot from the install disk and recover any important data.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think you're going to have to re-partition and format.

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You are in luck

by sce9sc In reply to partition improperly dism ...

I had the same problem and the solution in order not to loose your data if is to:
1st find a copy of Ontrack easy recovery and make a boot disk
2nd find another hard disk with fat32 file system (pref clean format) and plug it in.
3rd boot from ontrack boot disk and copy your files from you WD drive to the fat32 hard disk. and you now have your files in a safe place..

After that you can do what ever you like (e.i Format your WD)

I hope it was helpfull
Nofear XS(NF)

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