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Partition Light

By ac ·
What is the meaning of the "partition" LED on an old EDIMAX HUB? It lit up after some power gliches and went out after a few resets. It's obviously a problem but curious to know exactly what it means. Thanks AC

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by BFilmFan In reply to Partition Light

Any repeater or hub may optionally monitor the number of collisions which it observes from each port. If the number rises above a threshold, the repeater / hub may then disable the port (sometimes called a "partition").

A hub may also monitor the state of the transceiver at each 10BT and 10BF Ethernet port. On these interfaces, nodes send a unique signal every 16 +/- 8 ms. This signal is called an "idle pulse". Receivers monitor the medium to check that idle pulses are received. If neither an Ethernet frame, or an idle pulse is received within 50-150 ms, the receiver may assume that the cable is not functioning correctly. A hub may then disable the port (sometimes called "partition"). A disabled port is made active again when 2-10 valid idle pulses are received. This can protect other correctly operating ports from the disruption caused by a faulty NIC, transceiver or hub. The idle pulse is also used in some pieces of equipment to automatically detect the speed of transmission (10 or 100 Mbps) and availability of the full duplex mode.

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