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Partition Magic 8.0

By rbuller ·
I have not seen many reviews on this version of PM and am very curious as to its functionallity, effectiveness, and safety.

I am running a Dell PowerEdge 2600 server with Windows 2000 Server. It has three 18GB drives and is partitioned so that C drive is 4GB. I need more room on this drive. Will PM 8.0 be a safe and effective route to gain that extra space or should I just consider reconstructing the array.

If I understand PM correctly, it will allocate a segment of my D or E drive (my choice) to be mapped from C drive and does not change the physical size of the exsisting partiitions. That the only way to change those physical partitions is to reconstruct the array. If I am correct, is there any chance that I will encounter errors as I add, remove, or access progarms on the server.

Any wisdom you can shed on this would be appreciated.


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by jschein In reply to Partition Magic 8.0

If it was a workstation, I'd say balls to the wall and do it...

However, this is a server, and I'm guessing you are also using at least Raid 0+1 or Raid 5 for backup / redundancy. You will run into issues. Do not use this software for a server.

Backup your important data and redo your array. Configure C drive for a minimum of 10GB and ensure that you only put SYSTEM files there (Updates , Patches, Drivers, etc.) Anything more and you will once again come to a full stop because of your C Drive.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Partition Magic 8.0

I concur with previous, PQM is great for ws, not sure about Raid.
I have used PowerQuests Server Magic for NetWare with great success, not much experience with I suggest you look at Dell's User forums, very active and lots of info at:
Arraymanager may be another possiblity for w2k.
I don't know why they make such a small "boot" partition, cause problems in NetWare also OS's have become so bloated they need more space.
Good Luck,

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by darts32 In reply to Partition Magic 8.0

For Windows based servers you must use PowerQuest VolumeManager. Symantec now owns PowerQuest but here is the link to the product page.

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