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    partition MBR files gone


    by mdel747 ·

    i got a acer 4620z off ebay ,,
    the last owner wiped the hard drive out , ( and boy did he ) he wiped it all the way clean , to the point where it shows fatal hard drive error ,

    its a hitachi
    any place to get the files for the hidden partition , i ordered a new hard drive for the acer , but want to get it running anyway

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      by mdel747 ·

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      Not having much luck with 4620z’s eh ? …

      by older mycroft ·

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      The fatal hard drive error may be the reason the ACER was for sale on eBay in the first place. As for the recovery partition, if the hard drive is showing a fatal drive error how do you know that it has been wiped clean?

      For that matter, how can you be sure the recovery partition doesn’t still exist?

      Have you tried accessing this hard drive as a USB external slaved to another system?

      Unless ACER have changed their policies recently you should have also got a set of recovery discs with this laptop, irrespective of it having a recovery partition. I got both with mine but mine is a bit long in the tooth now.

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      Rebulid MBR

      by tech easy ·

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      As I know, you can use some partition repair program to rebuild the MBR file. You can search “rebuild mbr” in google.

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