Partition problem while reinstalling Windows XP

By paco1023 ·
Could anyone help me with this situation created by my own ignorance?. I have a hard drive with two partitions C:(boot) and (backup). I backed up personal data on and tried to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows XP over the existing copy All went well until it gave me a "fatal error" message after the "copying files" phase had finished and I could not cancel or continue the installation. I decided then to do another installation booting up from the Windows CD and instead of installing Windows on the C: partition I deleted it(I was trying to get rid of the damaged installation), and created a new partition. Somehow the partition letters switched and now I have drive C: as backup and drive as boot drive. Then I started to install Windows XP on the drive and everything went well until the computer restarted, booting from the hard drive it went to the same "fatal error" screen I got before from the damaged installation.Now my back up data is on the C: drive(capacity 31 GB) and I can not finish the Windows installation from the drive(capacity 110 GB). Is there anyway to cancel , abort this damaged installation or make the D; drive the boot drive. Sorry for the long post and thanks for your time.

Frank Pinal

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Did you back up any of your data from the driver?

by wanttocancel In reply to Partition problem while r ...

If so, reformat the whole drive, reinstall Windows, recreate C: as your boot and as your backup.

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Well the easy answer is Yes you can alter the Partition Names

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Partition problem while r ...

But it's a bit complicated.

You need to do another Windows Install and delete the D Partition this time. Then format the unused space.

Before the System starts to copy files restart the system and restart the Windows Installer again this time chose to install Windows to the C Partition. Whenever you Format any Partition on a HDD if there are other HDD or Partitions available they will always take the Lower Drive Letters and the new partition will be the last Drive letter in the current chain available.

You need to format the Partition without Installing the OS to return this to the C Letter. But it makes no difference to how th system works. You could have the Boot Partition listed as Z and it would work perfectly once you have the OS Loaded.

As for your Windows Loading problem test the RAM for problems. If you have a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD use that to run a Full Set of Diagnostics on the computer and repair any problems found.


Here I'm assuming that you have looked at the Data Side of the Install Disc and made sure that there are no marks or other damage to it.


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Changing partition letters

by paco1023 In reply to Well the easy answer is Y ...

Thanks again for your help, but I still see the partition letters unchanged after I followed the instructions from your post. Probably I screwed up somewhere and did not do exactly as you said.

This is what I did : I started the Windows installation and when I got to the partions screen I deleted partition , then selected the unpartioned space to put Windows XP in it , chose "quick format" from the menu, right after format was done I turned off the PC instead of restart it because I could not find any options to restart on the screen, then I ran the Windows CD again but when I got to the partitions screen I still had the partitions letters unchanged, at that point I decided to stop the installation. As you can see I am not a PC savvy person by any means. I really appreciate your time and patience.

Frank Pinal

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If you have the UBCD disk

by IC-IT In reply to Changing partition letter ...

You can verify how UBCD identifies the drive partitions and then use one of the tools to set that partition as inactive.

Do a full format on the old C: Not a quick format.

After installation of XP it will be on C:. Then use Disk Management to mark that partition as active again. (You may have to change your CDRW to another drive letter, assign to the old Data partition and then change the CDRW to E:

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I can not set partition as inactive

by paco1023 In reply to If you have the UBCD disk

Thanks for your help. As you suggested I used the UBCD disk, but I can not find the tool to set the old partition as inactive (I think the old partition is the one you want me to set as inactive). I ran Ranish Partition Manager and Cute Partition Manager but they do not have instructions. I'd appreciate very much any help you could give on this. Thanks again.

Frank Pinal

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Ranish Commands

by IC-IT In reply to I can not set partition a ...

Lets change it a little;
Do a full format of the C: partition.

Boot up the UBCD, run the Ranish Partition program.
On the second partition (D:) Press the H key.
That will hide the partition. Press F2 to save your changes, then exit.

Install XP.
Use UBCD to unhide your data partition.
Note: If possible back up your data first.

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Where you went wrong is you need to delete the D Partition

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Changing partition letter ...

Then restart the computer or turn it off and create the Partition then restart and then proceed with the install.


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