Partition Problem

By ahmed the great ·
there is a probem with my HDD when i remove my old partitions.there was no problem.but when i made new one then my HDD got a problem.when i made new partitions with DOS and also format them with DOS manager then also there was no problem.but after that when i ytried to install oprating system WINDOWS XP then after coping files it is giving a problem that is LOAD NEEDED DLLs for Kernel.and sometimes it also create problem before coping files and give error your Hard Drive is curropt.plz tell me about this.it is 80GB Seagate Bueacoda.

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Have you tried to

by The Scummy One In reply to Partition Problem

erase the drive with a drive wipe utility? then try installing XP (not DOS manager)?

ALso, what kind of drive is it, SCSI, IDE based, or SATA?
If SCSI or SATA you need to load drivers during the XP install

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dos limitations

by computechdan In reply to Partition Problem

you didn't say what size/sizes the partions you created where...however if you attempt to format partions of over 32gb with dos you will have problems

unless you have a specific need for FAT32 file system it would be much better to use a windows xp or 2000 boot disk to create and format partions in NTFS

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Use "Killdisk" to wipe your drive.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Partition Problem

Download and burn Killdisk to cd:
This will wipe your drive do that you can load on your Windows System disk. If you have IDE harddrive make sure that it is set to MASTER, if SATA then make sure the drive is on the SATA0 connector on the motherboard and when you load on the (if SATA) Windows system disk look for ""Third party drivers, press F6", you will need to put in the SATA driver floppy disk. To do a SATA driver floppy, input your motherboard driver disk and re-boot your computer, you will see "SATA drivers" 32 BIT and 64 BIT, for the 32 BIT drivers press the number one (Number 2 for 64 BIT) key on your keyboard, it will ask for a floppy so put one into the floppy drive and if asked to wipe the floppy just click on yes or OK button. Take out the floppy but have it ready. Now put in your Windows system disk and read up the instructions earlier on this post.

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Fdisk has been replaced with DiskPart

by Jacky Howe In reply to Partition Problem

You can run it from the Recovery Console to clean the drive and create your Partitions.

A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility


How to install or upgrade to Windows XP


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