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partition recovery

By banj0e ·
80GB hard drive all partition gone, there are actually 3 partitions equally divided. the HD was in windows XP. tried to make a new partition in hopes of installing XP and recovery anythin, but it only made 10mb of spaces altho it says I already have used 78GB or so of my HD. I hope my files are still there. do u have any idea how can i get my files back? or any programs i can use. Im tryin a few softwares ive downloaded

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by BFilmFan In reply to partition recovery

Have you looked at the partitions with the DOS utility FDISK and see what is actually on the drive?

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by banj0e In reply to Suggestions

yah, I got active recovery only the demo tho. it says FAT12 it shows deleted files but im sure not all my files wer shown ther

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by entawanabi In reply to partition recovery

How old is the machine?
It sounds like the HD is removeable How old is it?
What version of DOS drives the Hard Drive?
If any of the above are in the old class it may be possible to recover the data from other drives or from companion drives.

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by banj0e In reply to QUESTIONS FIRST

How old? Its Maxtor 80GB maybe 4-5yrs. i believe the datas can be recovered, my prob is how. Ive used active recovery to see the datas all i got are some random file names altho its says it can be restored

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by entawanabi In reply to ANSWER FIRST

Your 'drive`spins at a certain rate, out near the edge the gravities are high, the bucket weighs three pounds but when you swing it in a circle ay arms length it weighs much more, after a few years the medium spins off; agood example of extreme medium loss is a very small feild on your screen that is not expandable and you never seem to be able to save anything well, also you can toss your antenna as wellas its coating; so then do you have any storage medium left that is coherent? And how much. As far as recovery is concerned: in DOS 2.2 is Drive.RECif your drive is properly set-up and founded this will recoer what is possible including from fibers that used to hold the storage medium.

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by banj0e In reply to FURTHER
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Out the vent

by ozi Eagle In reply to ...

You must have caught the bits as they flew out the vent on the HDD. They should have come out connected by the fibres.

Ha Ha

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Use Linux

by dproske In reply to partition recovery

If machine has bootable CD use a "LIVE" LINUX cd. My favorites are OverCLockix and Simply MEPIS. Also DSL

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