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Partition Removal Debug Script

By john.mccord ·
Hello all,

I am trying to setup a Debug script to run from a bootdisk automatically. I am reading machines for reallocation and have to run the Debug script on MANY machines. I want all of the data to be removed for security reasons but I still want it to be a simple process for a "Work study" type without a lot of computer experience. Idealy I would like to boot up to a screen that allows you to select your partition type like MS-DOS or Non-DOS and then the program starts the Debug program and enters the correct values for each script. Am I asking to much???

P.S. I also asked the question in the wrong location (Discussion Center, Security) I apologize.

Thanks for your help,


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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Partition Removal Debug S ...

When you say 'debug', do you specifically mean the cmd line, external, debug program? If so, is that a requirement? If so, why? I can think of several freeware programs that can do what I think you want to do. Give me some more details please.


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by JackOfAllTech In reply to

OK, I see a little clarification is needed here.

DEBUG is not a utility for removing partitions. It is a very powerful program used for a variety of low-level tasks. The scripts you are using are actually tiny assembler programs that use BIOS routines to delete the partitions.

If all you want to do is wipe these drives before shipping them out, there are several freeware programs that do just that. Do a Google search for freeware +disk +wipe.


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by john.mccord In reply to Partition Removal Debug S ...

Debug is a software that Microsoft supplies to remove all hard drive partitions from a drive. It is on most microsoft boot disks. There are two different scripts that I would like to utilize. The first script removes all MS-DOS partitions and the second script removes all Non-Dos partitions. I am looking for a quick and easy way to destroy information that has been left on a drive before I rebuild or surplus it. We don't want any important information (like mailing addresses and list serv info etc...)to get into the wrong hands.



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