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Partition that was not asked for

By therainking37 ·
Hello Everyone
I had 2 harddisks, one IDE and one SAta drive.
The Ide drive crashed and I removed it.
Then I tried to partition my Sata drive to my wishes (ntfs) but it made a 2gb partition as a logical drive and I can't get rid of it anymore.
Fdisk says there is a logical drive (fat32) and when I try to remove it it says there are no logical drives defined!!?? So now my C: partition is only 2gb's and I had tot install Windows on another partition! AND IT SUCKS!!
Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?? PLEASE!


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Fdisk utilities

by Hundu In reply to Partition that was not as ...


Try to use Linux boot media (CD, floppy..) for partitioning. Linux has some very good utilities for deleteing unwanted stuff from HDD. I have also encountered such situation where there is "phantom" partition on the drive. Linux version of fdisk/ddruid removed it without any problem.


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by therainking37 In reply to Fdisk utilities

Hello Hundu

Thanks for your reply.
Where can I find these Linux utils?
I'm a Windows slave like the most people..but it sounds good!


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Which version of Windows?

by In reply to Partition that was not as ...

Which version of Windows are you running? NTFS is compatible only with Windows NT, 2000, and XP. But, there is no FDISK utility in Windows 2000 and XP so it appears that you may be running Windows 98 or ME. So, how did you create an NTFS partition?

On Windows 98 or ME, use FDISK and FORMAT to create a FAT32 partition.

On Windows 2000 or XP, use Disk Management:

1. Open the Control Panel.
2. In Control Panel, open Administrative Tools.
3. In Administrative Tools, open Computer Management.
4. In Computer Management, click on Disk Management.

In Disk Management, you will see a graphical display of your physical hard drives and the partitions on them and you can add and delete partitions.

Good luck!

-----Steve Jackson

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Windows XP

by therainking37 In reply to Which version of Windows?

Hello Steve

Thanks for you reply.
I'm running WinXP and I created the NTFS partition(s) with Fdisk..was that a mistake?

In Win disk management I see the 2gb fat32 partition (c:) as a primary active partition next to my normal NTFS partitions but I can not rename or remove it.

And in Fdisk it acts like a fantom..

Someone told me to use Low level format..but I am not sure how to do that.

Thanks and greets


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Your FAT32 partition cannot be removed because...

by In reply to Windows XP

Hi Andrew,

Your FAT32 partition cannot be removed because it is your boot partition (it's your C: drive). Disk Management won't let you touch it because the system is running from it. Note: Even if you installed Windows into another partition, it still BOOTS from C:.

You simply need to do a normal high-level reformat. To reformat your hard disk as you wish, here are some options for you:

1. Reinstall Windows XP from your CD. During install, you can delete and/or add partition(s) because the system is not running from them. Reminder: If you delete a partition during XP install, data in that partition is lost.

2. Use Symantec Partition Magic (formerly PowerQuest). This tool allows you to make partition add, delete, resize, and move while preserving all data in the affected partitions. It earns the "magic" name and the purchase price.

When it operates on the boot partition, it reboots your system automatically, with your permission, does the change, and reboots back. You can also boot from an "emergency" floppy and run Partition Magic completely outside your existing Windows XP system.

I have used Partition Magic for about 5 years now and it has been great. Highly recommended. Tips:

- Backup before you make partition changes. A power failure in the middle will result in an unmountable partition.

- Very rarely something will fail during the repartitioning. This results in unmountable partitions also. A backup will enable you to restore your data and in your case the only loss will be having to reinstall Windows XP.

Note: In your earlier message you said you installed Windows into other than your C: partition. Partition Magic cannot combine C: and into one partition for example. If that is your goal, you'll have to reformat the entire drive.

Good luck!

-----Steve Jackson

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