Partition unavailable after running Partition Magic 8.0 (error 105)

By gdscot ·
I have a Dell C521 which did run Vista Home Premium OK. Wanted to repartition so I could multiboot for training purposes. Initial setup was the Dell 32MB utility partition, 9GB Recovery Partition (drive ) and the remainder of the 160GB disk for drive C: with Vista.

I ran Partition Manager 8.0 which said it had found some errors and offered to fix it which I OK'd. PM then finished loading and gave an error #105 (overlapping partition boundaries) and refused to do anything further with the disk. Rebooting proved the suspicion that Vista partition no longer worked. Boot options can access the utility partition OK as the diagnostics can run. Running a copy of Norton Ghost showed that the Vista partition could still be seen.

I then booted from a Bart-PE CD. The A43 file system utility can see everything on all three partitions. Partition Manager Explorer can also browse all three partitions. However, Partition Manager 5.5 (the version on my Bart CD) says the Vista partition is unavailable but OK. Tried with a separate Paragon Partition Manager 8.0 recovery CD and that said both C: and are unavailable due to crosslinking of the boundaries.

How can some programs see everything in all of the partitions but the partition management apps can't access some of them? And, more importantly, any suggestions to recover this?

Haven't yet tried the complete "Factory Restore" option as I don't know for sure just how much will be wiped and how much recovered but hoping to find another option first as all files are clearly still intact. (No data on it to worry about as it is intended as a test/training PC.)

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PM is correct

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to Partition unavailable aft ...

in its saying because you somehow accidently merged two different partitions with overlapping boundaries. Partitions are basically a wardrobe kind of thing where you place your data. And any section overlapping or overlaying onto others will result in loss of data. This is what the problem in your system.
The "Factory Restore" option you said earlier will just erase the complete data on your hard drive and may even re-partition the drive into a single drive as the case may be. So, if you have some good stuff on your system, better back it up first and then go for "Factory Restore" option. It will work all good.

Another option to repair this may be in repartitiong the hard drive again. But for this you will need some good maths skill in order to allocate the exact/nearby size to the partitions which you were having earlier. Use that partition utility from which you can see all the partitions and then again try to resize them to the nearby sizes you were having previously. This way, you may get a chance to recover them safely. It may or may not work depending upon the type of merge/repartiotion you have done. But atleast you can give it a try to move further before going for a complete backup.

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Vista can resize partition

by bcpgm In reply to Partition unavailable aft ...

My recommendation is to restore Factory settings and use Vista Disk Management to resize the partition (Shrink Volume) and then create a partition on unclaimed space.

Good bye to Partition Magic for Windows Vista!

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same problem

by manfred-jacke In reply to Partition unavailable aft ...

I think I can't help but i encoutered the exactly same problem. I even bought a new HD as i thought there must be a serious problem. but then even with the new drive after I installt xp and then vista I got the same error 105. I think Vista is to blame. Its partition manager at the beginning of the install messes something up.
hope someone finds an answer...

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Found a solution

by gdscot In reply to Partition unavailable aft ...

Thanks for the replies on this and sorry for not being able to reply sooner.
I did not have access to any other disk utilities so tried a different approach. As Ghost could see all the partitions and data I did a Ghost image of each of the three current partitions: dell utility (1st on disk); restore (2nd on disk); and the Vista OS (3rd on disk). I guessed that the Restore partition would be OK as the partition information is at the start and would not have been affected by anything Partition Magic had done. The Vista partition would appear to have had it's start position set earlier in the disk to cause the overlap. Using Partition Manager 8 I deleted the Vista partition and then recreated a partition on the empty space. Following that I copied the Ghost image back onto the free space, rebooted and everything was back up and running.
Perhaps I was just lucky. Having read up on Vista's boot process the end point of the "Restore" partition must have been correct to place the start of the recreated partition at the same point as before. Had this not been the same then the process would have failed as Vista stores details of its partition start position offset in a GUID in the Partition Boot Record.The GUID in the Ghost image would therefore have been different.
See for info on this.

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Partion Sectors

by tim_geo In reply to Found a solution

You could have avoided the problem by noting the last column in the ptedit utility of Partition Magic. Sectors before say partition 3 = sectors before partition 2 + sectors in partition 2. In your case you had a problem where sectors before partition 3 < sectors before partition 2 + sectors in partition 2, hence overlapping partitions.

The problem was introduced when Partition Magic "corrected" that it thinks is a problem. PM 8 is not compatible with Vista - although rather than PM 8 doing a bad job I think it's Vista having something dodgy in the partition design.

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Vista Blocks PM8

by runfree0 In reply to Partion Sectors

I believe when PM were bought out by Symantec (if they were) Symantec then introduced there own version of a PM, stopped all support for PM8 and at the same time or in cohorts MS developed P Mgr. in Vista and arranged to emasculate PM8. The problem is PMgr. in Vista is far inferior to PM8 and does not work as stated. Having been caught by N Ghost many years ago would not touch there software again with a bargepole.

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by runfree0 In reply to Partion Sectors

You are correct,

Wish we knew what it was I have my suspisions!

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Partion Magic Alternative, Partition Assistant for Disk Partition Managemen

by enemyever In reply to Partition unavailable aft ...

Partion magic 8.0 alternatives is partition assistant which is designed for disk partition management. As newest partition magic software, it can resize partition to support Vista and Windows 7. You can free download the partition manager to try.
details at

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Partition Magic is not compatible with Windows seven

by Bop-Cat In reply to Partition unavailable aft ...

I have to say at first, Partition magic is quite good, a perfect one. I don't understand why it stopped upgrading. Confusing. I've never used partition magic because my OS is winodws seven ultimate 64 bit. It can not do anything under windows seven.
Which one could be the best partition magic alternative? The public's suggestion and professional reviews could help us do.
Find the downloads of each partition manager program, taking as an example. You will find a partition manager software list here
Take the one with the highest total downloads and weekly downloads as your choice
The second one is the suggestion from microsoft
partition master is recommended.
Based on these, i believe there is no other better choice for all of us to take partition master as the best partition magic alternative.

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