Partitioning new hard drive

By marine ·
when installing windows xp home on new 250GB hard drive I was only able to partition 137GB. Hoping to find out how to partition all available space on hard drive.

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Couple of choices

by IC-IT In reply to Partitioning new hard dri ...

You can use Disk management to create another partition. To access DM right-click My Computer and select Manage. Expand the tree to see DM. Right click in the unallocated space and select create partition. (Either Primary or Extended, if extended, you will next create a logical drive). Then format the space created.

You were limited to 137GB by either the XP Version (less than SP1) or by the BIOS.
You may want to read about slipstreaming (or NLite) and create an install CD with either SP1 or SP2. Then reinstall.

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BIOS Or OS Limit?

by TheChas In reply to Partitioning new hard dri ...

Your limit may be because of either the BIOS on your motherboard, or the version of XP you were installing.

If you are looking to take what you have and make it a single drive, your best option would have been to use the drive manufactures configuration utility prior to installing Windows. Now, your only option is a partition manager such as Partition Magic.

Keep in mind, that there is some risk of data loose and having to start over again. So, any critical files should be backed up prior to using a partition manager.

If it is a BIOS limit, the best way to take care of the problem is to use a PCI IDE controller card. You then set your BIOS to boot from SCSI or a controller card depending on the BIOS.


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