Partitioning of drive in windows vista

By nov1 ·
I have created a simple volume by going through shrink volume.... it has created free space but it is not showing the new drive .......... has the new drive been created ?
It only shows free space as 18.61 GB

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You shrank your original partition?

by seanferd In reply to Partitioning of drive in ...

Now you need to create your new partition out of the disk free space.

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do I have to create new simple volume?

by nov1 In reply to You shrank your original ...

on right clicking the free space it says new simple volume ...after following it it asks for how much space i want to use that should be between the max and min.... how much should I use?

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OK, yes, simple volume it is.

by seanferd In reply to do I have to create new s ...

Why not use all the free space? Anything left over and not allocated to a third volume is unusable by the system. So put all your free space into one or more volumes. Put it all in one unless you have a specific reason not to do so.

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Thank you

by nov1 In reply to You shrank your original ...

Thanks a lot , I was able to create a partition sucessfully, now I can easily install linux in my new drive. I am happy I did it myself :)
Thank you once again.

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Sure, no problem

by seanferd In reply to Thank you

If you'd mentioned you were installing a Linux distro, you may have been able to skip on some of the Windows bits and done it all in one go at installation time. Most Linux distros start installation with partitioning and formatting. Linux usually keeps at least 2 partitions (one for the swap file) and frequently more, not to mention you can make as many as you want for your own reasons. Then it does a format anyway, as Linux can use many different filesystems, but doesn't use NTFS.

Anyway, good luck with the install. Enjoy. :)

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