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Partitioning Question?

By cunningj8 ·
why when a format is done using NTFS is there 7.8 MB of unallocated space at the end of the drive, what is this used for and is it safe to use a program such as Partition Magic to add that space to your partition or does windows need it.

Im using Windows XP Pro SP1

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Partitioning Question?

I don't know for sure what that little bit of drive space is left, but here is my theory.
Win2K, XP and Win2k3 all can have drives be in one of 2 states, either Basic or Dynamic. Basic drives in Windows can then either be just normal drives, or as software-based mirrored drives. Dynamic drives support extended partitions, striping, RAID 5 striping with parity. Many more disk configuration options are available for Dynamic disks.
And, it is my belief, that when you convert a disk from Basic to Dynamic, that it has to grow a little bit, and that is what that remaining 7.8 MB is for, for the Basic to Dynamic expansion.
I have converted many drives to Dynamic, and I have noticed that the little remainder that was there when it was a Basic disk is always gone after the conversion.
Now, I could be entirely wrong. It is 1AM right now, I've had a couple bottles of Labatt Blue, and I can't sleep! But, that is what I think it's for. If you get a better answer, let me know!

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by wlbowers In reply to Partitioning Question?

Use Partition Magic and get it back.


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by shadowworks_2000 In reply to Partitioning Question?

unless you actualy need that little snip of your hard drive why bother with it, its at the end of your drive any way, if it is that much of a deal yes you could use partition magic and get it back, or if space is what you need getting a larger hard drive or a secondary hard drive.
I don't really think you have any thing to be conserened about. if it doesn't bother anything and you don't need the space, leave it.

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