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Partitioning Trouble

By Jay-Zee05 ·
I'm trying to partition my 350gb hdd to have a 40gb partition so that I can install Windows 7. I am currently running Windows Vista 32-bit. I can't partition more than 10gb. I've defragmented my drive using PerfectDisk 11 several times and also set it to defrag the files that couldn't be defragmented while the hard drive was in use, to defrag when the computer boots. Also, when I analyze the "C:" partition(which I'm trying to shrink), with PerfectDisk 11, I have alot of excluded blocks. I can't unexclude them in the PerfectDisk setting and I would like to include them in the Deframenting process. Please help.

I've tried using a gparted live cd too and I get a flag next to the "C:" partition and I can't shrink it beyond 10gb too. I've ran multiple disk checks to see if there's something wrong with my hdd but can't come up with anything. In gparted when I click for more info on the "C:" partition I get some errors in "clusters" or something like that. Then it shows a number like 0x00000000 but with different digits and characters. It says there's 192 of these errors. I've tried fixing it with gparted too and I get an error. Please help!

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You might wish to re-post this as a Question

by seanferd In reply to Partitioning Trouble

rather than a Discussion. You will have better luck that way.

Errors: Run
chkdsk /R
from the command line.

This may solve your problem.

However, you may not, indeed, be able to shrink the partition lower than 10 Gb. You have the OS, installed apps, system volume information/system restore, swapfile, etc.

So, why bother shrinking the current installation smaller than 10 Gb when you have 340 other Gb to play with?

Try chkdsk, and see if you can't re-partition the free space, leaving at least 10 Gb for the current install.

Note that you cannot repartition currently used space.

You may simply have to back up your data, wipe the disk, and re-partition from scratch if all else fails.

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by Jay-Zee05 In reply to You might wish to re-post ...

I posted it as a question. Also, I have my whole 350gb hdd for Vista 10gb for recovery partition and 340gb for C: partition. I wanted to shrink the C: partition to 300gb, leaving 40gb of free space to install Windows 7. I'm running the command "chkdsk /R" right now.

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shrink other partitions to offer the free space

by Adamooo In reply to Partitioning Trouble

if there's still 40G free space on ur hard drive, u can just shrink other partitions, and move them to give the free space to the new partition. maybe i didnt make it clear, here's a tutorial about how to do it:

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