Partitioning Trouble

By Jay-Zee05 ·
I'm trying to partition my 350gb hdd to have a 40gb partition so that I can install Windows 7. I am currently running Windows Vista 32-bit. I can't partition more than 10gb. I've defragmented my drive using PerfectDisk 11 several times and also set it to defrag the files that couldn't be defragmented while the hard drive was in use, to defrag when the computer boots. Also, when I analyze the "C:" partition(which I'm trying to shrink), with PerfectDisk 11, I have alot of excluded blocks. I can't unexclude them in the PerfectDisk setting and I would like to include them in the Deframenting process. Please help.

I've tried using a gparted live cd too and I get a flag next to the "C:" partition and I can't shrink it beyond 10gb too. I've ran multiple disk checks to see if there's something wrong with my hdd but can't come up with anything. In gparted when I click for more info on the "C:" partition I get some errors in "clusters" or something like that. Then it shows a number like 0x00000000 but with different digits and characters. It says there's 192 of these errors. I've tried fixing it with gparted too and I get an error. Please help!

There's 350gb hdd split into C: and partitions. The partition is the recovery 10 gb and the C: partitions is 340 gb reserved for Vista. I want to shrink the C: partition from 340gb to 300gb so I can have 40gb to install Windows 7.

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Unmovable stuff

by TobiF In reply to Partitioning Trouble

If you use hibernation on your system, then it may be tricky to move the hibernation file. Try to temporary turn it off. Or, leave it off. I believe hibernation is an OS feature, and I'm not sure, how well multiboot cooperates with hibernation.

You should also (at least temporary) turn off virtual ram on HDD, since that's also data that is hard to move.

Also, by defragging in safe mode, fewer drivers will be loaded = less unmovable stuff.

Finally, the trickiest one. As soon as you have windows running, you keep a couple of huge registry files open, so they can't be moved.

Best of all would be to boot from a liveCD with some linux-based defragmentation tool. That should make anything on the drive (except the mbr) movable.

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I dug a bit deeper

by TobiF In reply to Unmovable stuff

It can be tricky for linux-based systems to know enough about the proprietary ntfs system to defrag a disk.
If you have a license for winxp, then you might use bart-pe, as described here:

Note: I haven't tried myself

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Before you repartition...

by Datacommguy In reply to Partitioning Trouble

Have your tried something simple like Start > Run > chkdsk c: or right click the C: drive in Windows Explorer, click Properties, Tools tab, and Check Now? Most of the disk manipulation software like parted won't go any farther if there are errors in the disk structure....

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192 errors? There's your problem.

by seanferd In reply to Partitioning Trouble

chkdsk /r
from the command prompt.

(edit: I notice Datacommguy mentions this as well.)

It is probably a good thing you haven't been able to repartition yet - it would probably wreck your current installation and all your data.

edit: You may want to check your drive with the drive vendor's utility - visit the vendor's support site. There may be more trouble brewing...

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Free space?

by Bruce Epper In reply to Partitioning Trouble

This is pretty obvious but since you neglected to comment about it: Do you actually have a minimum of 40GB of free continguous space on your C drive for the repartitioning operation in the first place? Just defragging may not give you what you want unless your defrag utility will pack everything it can to the beginning of the disk to leave a 40GB free chunk in there somewhere for your new partition.

You could also use Paragon Software's Partition Manager Express (free) located here: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/pm-express/

With this tool, as long as you have enough free space on your drive, it will safely rearrange whatever it has to in order to modify your paritions however you would like. I have used it myself on several occasions and found it trustworthy.

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Slave Drive

by Dave51 In reply to Partitioning Trouble

You could try backing up the drive with cloning s/w, and putting the drive into another machine so it is not the boot device, then try gpart again, but you will have to be carfull that you dont break the boot files.

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Got It Done

by Jay-Zee05 In reply to Slave Drive

Sorry I never replied sooner but I did that chkdsk /r and I think it fixed my problems. Then I booted from an UBUNTU disk and used Gparted from there. It shrunk my drive and I installed Windows 7. Yay!

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