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    when formating a hard disk how do i delete partitions, so i can erase the master boot record?

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      by thechas ·

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      For a FAT32 volume (Windows 9X or Me)
      Boot from a startup disk and run the following commands at the DOS prompt:

      fdisk /mbr
      (this rebuilds the master boot record)
      Then, run fdisk
      You can delete partitions then add and create partitions as desired.

      For more information, take a look at the links at

      There are a couple of good articles on partitioning at

      NOTE: fdisk is limited to drives with less than 137GB capacity.

      Also, the MBR switch will remove most drive overlay utilities.


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      by wcp ·

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      Give a try with Debug script on the following website.

      Pay attention to the ?Erase all HDD Information?.

      This script will wipe out any partitions in a HD including Fat (16 and 32), NTFS, Linux, and others.
      As soon as you enter the last command, it executes on the fly, meaning it takes only a few seconds to accomplish the job.

      I have a batch program so it runs with one command.
      If you need more information or help, please post a comment.

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      by csmith ·

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      You can also use the disk that came with the Hard Drive.
      There usually is a utility to “Zero Fill” the Hard Drive.
      This is how the disk arrives from the factory. (With Zeros written everywhere.)
      The CHS information, etc. is in the firmware.
      Regards, Chris

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      by cool_blu_cube ·

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