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Pass-Thru Agencies (Estellita)

By estellita ·
In a couple of weeks I plan to enter into the IT world whole-heartedly -- meaning, I've been a Marketing Manager for several years, with the main focus being on project development of internets, intranets, and extranets. I am currently in the process of getting my CIW certification and would like to work for a consulting firm on a Project Management team developing Internet/E-Commerce. I've been giving strong consideration working as an independent consultant on a project team with other independent consultants. However, my concern working independently is not getting those corporate benefits such as health insurance, etc., nor do I want to keep up the paper work necessary working for myself. Can anyone tell me names of such "pass-thru" agencies? I would also like to hear from anyone who is working for or has ever worked for such an agency and the pros and cons of doing so.
Also, I've been doing searches on consulting firms so I can prepare to send my resume out; however, withall of the current market changes going on in the world, how can I determine which firms really are the best? Due to the day-to-day market changes, even the lastest rating books seem to be outdated.

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focus on the job, not the company

by xxx123 In reply to Pass-Thru Agencies (Estel ...

First, many consultancies offer more than one way to go - - straight hourly with no benefits, full employee status, etc. So you don't have to find a specific "type" of consultancy to exercise these options. Just ask for what you want!

Second, some companies (particularly larger ones) don't like to work with pure independents because of the possibility of later lawsuits (the consultant didn't pay his full social security taxes, or the consultant decides to sue the client for benefits, etc.) There are plenty of independents around and they could advise you better than I, just be aware that some clients will not consider independents - -period.

Third, I think you will find enough of a challenge breaking into IT from a non-IT background, even with your certification. So don't worry too much about the "best" or "worst" consultancy to work for. Your primary objective is to get in the field and build up some credibility in this new career you have chosen. Whatever company offers you that opportunity is the one to go with! If you want to move on a year or two down the line, that option is always open to you.

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