Passed A+ today; next cert: Apple or Network? Career?

By jamesfrench866 ·
I know I need experience, but I also need to keep learning. So even though I think that Apple is more advanced, better OS, there is more work in PCs. But I like Macs 1000 times more than PC. I also have a graphics and art background, BA in printmaking and certificate of acheivement in Computer graphics design for print (some freelance graphic design and offset prepress experience)was formerly art conservator and gallery owner, art dealer and fine artist. Also some paralegal units and experience. Any suggestions in combining these, can art/design+IT, or paralegal+ IT be an advantage? I am trying to plot my career. I have only worked on my own or friend's computers, installing and fixing problems, recommending hardware/software etc. In this economy, is it going to be tough getting that entry level position?
I am also no spring chicken, but apply principles, determined!

I know these are maybe too many questions at once. Perhaps I need a career counselor? Thanks

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Try Going For

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to Passed A+ today; next cer ...

Your Network + and Security +. Possibly some Microsoft certs...

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Of course it all depends on where you want to end up

by tintoman In reply to Passed A+ today; next cer ...

But the first thing I would say is if you have any thoughts about being self-employed in this game you need to forget about Macs right now otherwise you will surely starve to death.
You don't say how old you are but I can tell you that I was already 43 before I did any I.T training.
Of course you are to be congratulated on passing the A+ but frankly it doesn't carry any weight on its own, although I understand that you are now qualified to be a "Tech Guy" at PC World, aint that scary?
I definitely agree with UF on this, get Microsoft trained at least to MCSA if you can, and get seriously involved in networking too. Good luck

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Some things to consider

by Charvell In reply to Passed A+ today; next cer ...

If you want to work in IT, you want to focus on Network+, Security+, and the MCSE track (which starts at MCP, then MCSA, then MCSE) as these are what most business want and need from the IT staff. Your presonal preference may be for Macs and Apple products, but they aren't used very widely in Businesses, almost non-existent outside of the graphic design/art field.

The only IT related field that would draw on a graphics design backround would be Web design, but that isn't really an IT field, more of a graphic design field, and again, probably won't use Macs to create websites since the most widely used browser (last time I checked anyways) is IE.

I've never heard of an IT career that would draw on paralegal experience, however, I have had a couple friends who were software engineers go to Law school and focus on software patent law.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks to all of you

by jamesfrench866 In reply to Some things to consider

I appreciate the responses. Makes sense; use the mac for my own production work and go where the business and money is; PC.

With the combination of hackers, government snoopers and the new world order, and those that want to keep their privacy, and the war on terror, security seems to be the thing and security is primarilly at risk online, so the advice to do security and networking is excellent.

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The question is...

by jfuller05 In reply to Passed A+ today; next cer ...

what makes you happy?
If you like art, maybe you should go into web design or work with software designers.

If you want to do away with art and focus on technical things, go for the Network+, Security+, and it never hurts to be certified with Microsoft. :)

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The type of person you are will define your career

by techin In reply to Passed A+ today; next cer ...


getting to know yourself is the first thing before throwing yourself in all kind of certifications.

I have been working 3 years with Apple computers. I administrate a Xserver and take care of hundred of Mac stations. You won't get good money being an Apple expert except if you become a programmer. Certifications won't do much unless you want to work in an Apple store. This is my second job as an Apple Tech/ Server admin and they really didn't care about certifications.

Certifications that matters : Cisco, Linux, Microsoft database administrator... Do some research on job websites and look at what they ask.

If you like to be on the move than a career in Networking could be for you. So get a Cisco certification first! Don't waste your time in other certifications, you can do them later.

If you don't mind staying on the back on your screen but still want some interaction with people, than IT support is good. But the road to the top is long... You need good social skills to get to management. And sticking in help desk position too long could take away your first motivations. Support is the hardest one!

If you are logical and don't mind working often with command line, SQL Database Administration is a good start. You will get the big box really quick.

There is also web design and Desktop publishing. It is competitive and many of my friends are working freelance.

If you like to work with Apple products and being creative ...Programmer, Desktop Publishing, Web Design are your best bet.

By the way, even if I like Mac myself, Windows 7 impress me. It is snappy, quick and solid as long you don't install any anti-virus. Hackers love to target Microsoft products since windows is the most popular OS. We can not blame Microsoft for that. Keep an hand on Windows 7, you might need to work with it in the future even if you don't want. That is my case and I am not disappointed. Employers love the fact that you can support both. This is why I got hired the last time.

Good luck!

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Excellent summary of the matter

by jamesfrench866 In reply to The type of person you ar ...

Thank you Teachin. Very logical and well thought out. Your and the other responses has been most helpful.

I always believe in helping people, but it's also nice to get help when you need it.

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