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Password "AutoSave" Network security or Usability - Who wins.

By gprinsloo ·
We have network authentication running on LDAP. User access in obtained via multiple platforms unto the network. Enforcing network security such as password expiration and account lockout is resulting in a nightmare.

There are passwords cached and stored in applications (Browsers, database engines, etc), persistent connections or mapped drives, windows inherent pwl files, scheduled tasks, scripts, batch jobs etc.etc.

Resulting in countless password incorrect and account lockout errors, as these background tasks, applications, services and persistent connections attempt to logon with expired credentials.

Policy lockdowns help but are not the ultimate solution. I am planning to clear such caching/storing via login scripts. Anyone with similar problems care to join in to thrash this one about.

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Password "AutoSave" Network security or Usability - Who wins.

by tulsidas In reply to Password "AutoSave" Netwo ...

Usability is a key towards improving security. many users use LDAP and several other websites and security tools. Most of these tools and websites needs authentication. User also set different username and passwords for various login page because of several issues such as use of special sysmbols in username and other formatting constraints also the criticality level of several logins are not same. Thats why the use "autosave" must be required for logins as it removes headache of remembering username and also user can judge the password by username also.
So my vote goes to Usability

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Password "AutoSave" Netwo ...

Because If security isn't an issue, remove the requirement for a password or set it to not expire. If it is an issue for some apps but not for others, remove the requirement where it isn't needed.

Either way, you can increase usability by using the same username wherever possible.

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