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    password box greyed out


    by daz’n’ash ·

    In a Windows Millennium Edition computer, when attempting to create a new dial-up connection, the password box is greyed out. All settings appear fine but no option seems to be available to set the password. Any resolutions for this?

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Could be one of several things, so to eliminate the issue, follow the steps below:

      Close all windows then open My Computer then Dial-Up Networking. Go to Control Panel first if you have WinME.

      It’s usually better to setup a new Dial-Up Connection than to modify an existing one. If you’re having problems after modifying an existing setup, delete it and create a new one. Simply highlight the CEInternet icon, press Delete on the keyboard. Restart the computer and use your CEInternet setup instructions to setup another connection.

      Some Windows systems need a ‘null password’, so if ‘Save password’ and ‘Connect automatically’ are greyed out in the dial-in connection box and you can’t save your password, delete all files with the extension *pwl in the Windows folder and reboot. The easiest way to find them all is to open My Computer, goto C: drive, then the Windows directory. Press the F3 button to bring up the search box. Type *.pwl in the Named field. Press Enter. The window below will list all the *pwl files. Then simply highlight and delete them all. Then restart Windows. When the system reboots and the Enter password screen appears, do not type in a password and then press Enter.

      Some systems will grey out the ‘Save password’ checkbox if they have Dial-up Networking installed but Client for Microsoft Networking has not been installed. To fix this go to Control Panel, Networking and install the Client for Microsoft Networking.

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      by willcomp ·

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      I’m trying to remember exactly and can’t, but it is one of these two.

      Either logon with password (which I think is correct) or multiple users will prevent password from being saved. It has to be entered upon each use. So delete password/multiple users if you want to save password in DUN config. Passwords don’t do any good in Me anyway unless logging onto domain (and who uses Me on a network?)


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      by daz’n’ash ·

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