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Password for server Monitor

By wellmax1.maxwell ·
I have a room with three server,two windows 2000 and one unix.I want to put a password on the two monitors running windows 2000 server so that only those who are allowed to can have accessed.for example the back up operators would need to go and set the time for their backup. In other words to provide unauthorised access.

please gave some instructions on how to set up password for monitor


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by Blackcurrant In reply to Password for server Monit ...


Enable your screensaver - right-click the Desktop and select Properties, then click the Screensaver tab and make sure that 'On resume, password protect' is checked. After the Screensaver starts, any users who try to use the computer will have to supply a password.

Hope this helps

Good luck

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by ManISKid In reply to Password for server Monit ...

Firstly, what you need to do is to severely limit the people who can log on locally to the servers. Thus basically no one except the domain admins or the local admin can log on there. Then lock the servers down.

Next, set up an account giving each of the backup operators the 'backup operators' built-in account priveleges. Give these accounts the ability to log onto the server interactively. You would create multiple accounts to administrate the server for logging purposes (ie who set the backup last night?), but a single service account is needed to link the backup utility to the server.

It is prefferable to utilise the runas utility instead of logging onto a server. And/or setting up consoles in the mmc for the new backup user accounts to link to the backup utility. This way the backup guys can log onto their own user accounts at their workstations and 'runas' to the server to do their backup duties. This is a lot more secure practise.

Of course they would still need to physically put the tapes in the slot. A lot of companies use a stacker so only one person needs to go into the server room occasionally (weeklyish)

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