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    Password keeps locking


    by jonathan.a.gray ·


    I’m hoping someone can help me, my NT domain account keeps locking for no apparent reason
    i have removed and reset my NT account in usermanager but still the account keeps locking.
    I have admin rights on the domain,But this happens at least 7-8 times per day and is driving me mad.


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      Password keeps locking

      by justanadmin ·

      In reply to Password keeps locking

      I’ve seen this happen before when there is a scheduled task or event that uses your login information. If you change your password, this event will continue trying to execute with the wrong information and cause your account to get locked out.

      Inour situation, it was an automatic FTP that was set to run daily. When the admin on our system changed their password, they forgot about the FTP scheduled and it kept trying to FTP with the wrong password until the account got locked. Took a while to realize what was happening.

      Hope this helps!

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      Password keeps locking

      by haissam ·

      In reply to Password keeps locking

      setup up security auditing on your pdc/bdc to find out who/what is trying to log on with your account.

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      Password keeps locking

      by itnetman ·

      In reply to Password keeps locking

      Are you trying to re-set your account using your own admin account? I have had problems with this before. If you get another admin account to re-set for you things should work. Hope this helps.

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