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By teh_tr_monk ·
Hi, I have about 70 users in my environment. In addition to our internal resources, we also use several hosted resources. This forces our users to have many different credential sets--usually between 3 and 6 different username and password sets. I need to find a solution so users don't end up doing things like writing all their credentials on sticky notes.
Looking for a good corporate solution and would love to hear how other admins have approached this situation and which products they have found to work best.

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by SkyNET32 In reply to Password Management Recom ...

I've been using LastPass for the past year for all of my websites logins and it has served me well. All connections are securely encrypted before, during and on their servers. Not even LastPass employees have access to your data. It is cross-platform and they offer a free and paid ($1 a month?) subscription. Give it a try.


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by Choppit In reply to Password Management Recom ...

Personally I've been using KeePass without issue for years on most platforms

Also take a look at Password safe

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Pasword Safe

by Toolman5774 In reply to KeePass/PasswordSafe

I've used Password Safe in the past, and its was ok. It was especially nice to have the biometric integration on my HP laptop!

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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

by vbala In reply to Password Management Recom ...


You may take a look at ManageEngine Password Manager Pro, a privileged password management solution for enterprises. It will serve as a secure, centralized vault for storing and accessing your internal as well as hosted resources, in a shared environment. You can eliminate the insecure practice of keeping the passwords in volatile sources.

More info at


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Sticky Password

by mikin In reply to Password Management Recom ...

Well as for our company, we use Sticky Password over here. We have 40 employess and now everyone uses unique password for every website also for our internal websites. We have raised the security and moreover the need of password resets, lost passwords etc. It also works with applications and it is not cloud based, which was our requirement. It is only on your PC.

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Password Management

by HannaS In reply to Password Management Recom ... Software provides Desktop Management and Password Management products for Windows networks.

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