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password need to be continually reset

By jason ·
Windows NT 4.0 Server with a domain
Many of the user complain that they cannot access the server resources with their password. No one is allowed to change their passwords but me. The solution each time is to go into the user managaer and simply retype (reset)in their password and click ok. The users can then immediately access the resources. Then in about 2-3 weeks the same thing happens again. A simple reset fixes it. The users do not all claim this problem a the same time and it affects only some computers and not all systems on the network.?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to password need to be conti ...

There are probably Services and/or Scheduled Tasks that are set up on the user machines that are set to run under the User account.And the password the Service or Job is configured to use with the user account is wrong. So, when these start up, they have the wrong password, and since you obviously have password lockouts enabled, the Service or Job locks out the account when it tries to start with the wrong password.
Or the users are logging in and typing their password wrong enough times to lock themselves out.
Why don't you let the users change their own passwords? Why all the extra work on yourself doing this for them? Seems like a big hassle to me.

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by jason In reply to

Do you mean that if they enter the wrong password it totally locks the whole profile on the server until I reset it? I know the client machine will lock if you try the wrong password more than 3 times. This requires a reboot to try again, but the account settings are however WinNT has them set at default.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to password need to be conti ...

Check your user permissions for password expiration setting. Also check user access times and lock out settings.

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by jason In reply to

Password never expire and what is "lock out settings"?

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