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    password of windows2003 server


    by vjagotra ·

    i have left my server on with screensaver password on it suddenly due to power cut server switched off and now i am trying to boot the server and it is not accepting password of the administrator after alt+Ctrl+del

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      by vjagotra ·

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      If you really are a

      by computercookie ·

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      ‘IT Department Manager’ you would know how to get access.

      Anyway can’t help with password hacks, try some other forum.

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      Don’t be Silly!

      by bizzo ·

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      Passwords don’t disappear after the server’s been switched off.

      Seeing as you’re not actually asking a question here, here’s some advice.

      Buy a UPS for the servers, so when the power does go down you’ll be OK.

      Or maybe the problem is that you’re pressing alt+ctrl+del. I’ve always pressed ctrl-alt-del, so it might be the order of the keypress that’s screwing things up.

      I really hope my advice helps.
      If it doesn’t … ah well.

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      by sebastien.trudel@cheminee ·

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      There are a LOT of tools that can help you with that, look it up on Google…

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      Did you look under the rack

      by jiminpa ·

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      sometimes the passwords fall under there. I would look there first.

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        Oh, another good place to look

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to Did you look under the rack

        for fallen passwords is on top of the server Under the server with the lost PW.

        But this is not too common as the passwords are easily blown away from the AC in the server room.
        Also, they seem to get scrambled up 🙁 when someone does the dusting…

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      by oritsub ·

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      Sorry but first I am a mam not sir. So I think your email musta gone to the wrong person thakyou,oriana

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      Try using the passwrord

      by w2ktechman ·

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      for the Other server. It is likely that you mixed up the passwords and are using the wrong one.

      Also, e-gremlins like to play games. Scream at the server, and tell it that you are gonna unplug it (trapping the e-gremlin). This has worked for many a person.

      Another option is to hire a computer repair service person to come over and fix the issue for you.

      And finally, The very best answer is simply to pull the case cover off of the server. Head-butt the motherboard (forehead to motherboard fixes are among the best in the world). Head-butt it really hard, make sure the e-gremlins inside know that you are pissed off at them. Keep doing this, as the jolting action makes them more compliant.

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