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Heya guys, in a bit of a pickle here...need some help once again.

I am creating a structured path directory for each employee, (24) in this case....We have our Upper-Mgrs. Equipped with Pen Drives, but the other employees do not have a way to back up valuable e-mails, files, etc...

I am working on a project, and I have most of it done. We use a LINUX / SAMBA server that hosts our "Shared Files"...which consists of all kinds of information surrounding our company...specifically our terminal.

I need a way to password protect the folders, so only certain people can access them. I want to avoid using a 3PP program, does anyone have a walk through, or resource information that can help me out with this?


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It looks like that needs to coincide with the Windows user name (& pw ?)

by Absolutely In reply to Password Protecting Folde ...

"Connect to a Linux machine running Samba the same way you connect to any Windows machine - browse through Network Neighboorhood or Windows Explorer entering a password if required. Note: Windows 95/98 only prompts for a password and assumes the Windows Login name as the username. You need to either create a user on your Linux box with your Windows Login or create a Windows Login with the same username on your Linux machine. Optionally, you can have the Windows Login and password for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 be the same as your Linux Samba username and password and it will not prompt for a password. Obviously, this is a security issue if others have access to your system. Your call."

I've made this work before by creating an identical user name & password on the Linux server and the Windows client. It need not be the 'active' Windows user, so if they all log into Windows as Administrators and are for some reason hesitant to share that password with you, a Windows restricted user account works too, for the directories you specified in your Samba share.

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edit: needs to match any user name on the Windows machine...

by Absolutely In reply to It looks like that needs ...

not necessarily the Admin, or the user account in use when connecting to Samba share.

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