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I recently had a rootkit infection and after cleaning the rootkit I changed account passwords to a slew of accounts. Then I promptly forgot the two critical passwords. Not a big deal as I have recovered those as well. Only had to deal with the time lost and the frustration.

So, the question is not how to recover passwords but rather looking for suggestions and ideas that others have found useful for remembering complex passwords. My passwords run 11 to 25 digits of mixed case alpha/numeric/symbol that are associated with quotes or phrases that I remember well but in which I also use character substitution. Writing these passwords down is unacceptable.

So, what methods have you found useful in remember complex passwords?

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I"ve seen some folks

by PurpleSkys In reply to password question - sort ...

that carry around a "little black book" to keep that kind of information in...along with registration codes to software. Mine are just not as long/complicated as yours are so I don't noramlly forget as a rule.

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Or you could use a Password Manager

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to password question - sort ...

That way you only need to remember the One Pass Word and the rest are stored in the system.

It has it's advantages and disadvantages it is however a lot easier than attempting to remember complex Passwords.

Or you could use a Biometric Reader which still used a Pass Word of varying strengths but your Finger Print will over ride everything till you loose the Reader or it malfunctions and you need to revert to the Passwords again.


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My All-Time Favourite...

by info In reply to password question - sort ...

The best way to come up with passwords. Makes a LOT of sense.

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by a.portman In reply to password question - sort ...

Consider these passwords: Maryhadalittlelamb; 4score&7yearsago; 1969PontiacGTO; (415)8six7-53Zero9;

We remember phrases, I would stay away from things too easily associate with you like your favorite sports team.

I worked in K-12 education for a long time. In a room of teachers someone asked about passwords. I gave them the list of things I would try to guess their passwords, I probably covered 80% of the passwords in the room with the following: School mascot or sport (if you are a coach); school address; cats name (female and single); children's name(s) (female and married); dogs name; husband's name; birthday.

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Security 101 :-)

by Rob Kuhn In reply to password question - sort ...

At a Security workshop I attended a few years ago, asking how one remembers passwords (or methods used) in a "public" forum was frowned upon. :)

That being said, in the corporate environment, I would actually handwrite the passwords on a piece of paper and then put it in a secure box that went offsite to a secure location. The box was on a sechdule to return x-days/weeks/months so that I could ensure the passwords in the locked box was current.

You can sort of do the same practice at home by getting a small safe/lockbox. One that is fire resistant. Having a safe.lockbox is generally a good thing to have in the home anyway. :)

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Here is one I use often...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to password question - sort ...

Many password phrases you have used in the past can be re-used by replacing the vowels with a number. i.e. password = p4ssw0rd or the lost art of keeping a secret = th3 l0st 4rt 0f k33p1ng 4 s3cr3t

edit to add one more: I have heard of people using a scratch off lottery ticket also.

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