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    password recovery


    by geobascones ·

    i cannot log on to windows because i dont know the administrator’s password. it is my wife’s pc and she has recently passed away not telling me the password.i’ve tried a lot of combinations but it did’nt work.if anyone of you knows how..pls share it with me,i cannot afford to lose the memories(mostly pictures) we’ve shared whe she is still alive.thank you very much

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      Reply To: password recovery

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to password recovery

      My condolences for your loss. has a password reset program on it. BUT BEWARNED that if any of the files are encrypted with EFS, they will be unrecoverable without a backup of the certificate of the account that was used to encrypt them, or if a recovery agent was set up on XP (W2k’s local administrator by default was the recovery agent if I am remembering correctly.)

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      XP trick

      by c-ape ·

      In reply to password recovery

      If it is Windows XP try this…

      On the logon screen, hold CTRL+ALT and press DEL twice
      Then as the user, put Administrator
      Leave the password blank
      let me know if this helps.

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