password recovery for Directory Service Recovery Mode

By gaming ·
Can someone answer this for me?

I have a server that just came down due to the active directory going bad. The olny thing i can do with it at this point is boot up in Directory Service Recovery Mode however I do not know what the DSRM password for this server is.

This particular server is also our main file server and had the role of Active Directory for redundancy purposes. Getting the server up and running is not as much of a concern to me as accessing the current files on the server. The backup for the day has not kicked in and there are some critical files stored on there that i need access to ASAP.
so my questions are?

1.) Can i reset the DSRM password in any way given my limited access to a command prompt?

2.) Is there a way I can get to the files stored on this server?

I was thinking of simply re-installing windows 2003 server over itself on that partition that way i can just simply access those directories and then transfer the files over to another server.

I have done this on windows workstations before if i needed to access files and the windows installation has gone bad. I just dont know what my chances for succes would be trying this on windows 2003 server.

Thanks in advance.

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Best of luck in your endeavor

by cmiller5400 In reply to password recovery for Dir ...

You won't find any help here on how to crack or reset the DSRM password.

But you should be able to recover the files if they were not encrypted. If they were encrypted and you don't have backups of the private key, for all intents and purposes, kiss them good bye!

I wish you luck in getting what data you need off of the server.

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File Recovery

by gaming In reply to Best of luck in your ende ...

Im not to interested in cracking the DSRM password if your telling me thats what my only option is to getting on the server.

I just basically need to recover those files from that server. We dont have an IT professional onsite and my knowledge of windows 2K3 server does not go to far beyond the basic installation and setup stuff.

I know the files are not encrypted but i am just not sure how I can go about recovering them.

I thought of just simply re-installing windows 2K3 server ovedr itself that way it would at the very least give me access to the partition so I can transfer the files off. would that work? would that damage or remove any of the directories that where created on the c: directory?

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This is where an IT Pro is handy...

by cmiller5400 In reply to File Recovery

:) You MAY be able to do that successfully, but there is no guarantee. I have seen a relatively simple task cause a server to burst into flames (not literally of course.)

You will probably need to take ownership of the files once you get the "new" OS installed on it.

If it were me, I would boot a Linux Live CD or UBCD4Win to get the files off.

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by gaming In reply to This is where an IT Pro i ...

Yeah thats what i figured. I will try those options first and if worse comes to worse I will try the OS install :)

Thank you so much for your imput!!

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