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    password recovery – NOT reset!


    by estreetjerseygirl ·

    I’ve got a problem with my MSN account. I am unable to access my account because I’m getting a message saying the password is invalid. I cannot reset the password with the secret question, because that was changed, also. I didn’t set up an alternate e-mail on the account, and my billing info was also changed. MSN’s Tech Support is completely useless. Does anyone know if it’s possible to somehow access the password without changing it? I understand that this would probably involve hacking, but it’s an account I’ve been using for years, and I have a lot of important work information in this account.


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      by s_k_k ·

      In reply to password recovery – NOT reset!

      To be frank, I went through the same situation very recently. One fine day my account password did not work. When I tried resetting it was sending the reset information to my hotmail account itself(since I did not have any other account setup) More over it did not offer me an option to reset using the secret question either.
      passport technical support is very bad. But ultimately having dealt with them for almost a week or so they were able to reset it for me.

      I think your best bet is to keep talking to them till they help you out unfortunately 🙁

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